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What Solopreneurs Are Saying:
"...I now have peace of mind!"
"Al Silva is the Man! Al introduced me to the world of Living Benefits life insurance and genuinely peaked my interest unlike other professional life insurance and financial planners with their traditional life products. 

With a few medical issues, Al was able to qualify me for an affordable Living Benefits life plan from a major and well-respected insurance company...that will not only protect my family...but will provide me with peace of mind should I develop serious medical issues in the future! Talk to Al first before you make a final decision!"
Edgar, 58 - El Cerrito, CA
" to eliminate risk in my personal life!"
"Being self-employed is risky business. So I manage risk as much as possible in growing my business...

... so it is crucial for me to minimize risk when it comes to my own personal financial planning.

Al introduced me to a financial plan that locks in the gains of the market without the losses. Seriously. 

That in itself has given me the confidence to continue with taking smart risk in business-- while I eliminate it all together in my personal life"
Sky, 41 - Alameda, CA
"...I was a 1099'er with no benefits package!"
"I was a 1099 contractor with no employer-sponsored retirement plan to speak of. It was not a comfortable place to be.

Google searches offered me the same plans my previous job offered - but since taking the leap, I was looking for something different.

Al introduced me a new opportunity where I don't worry about being taxed when I withdraw my money. I love saving into my tax free retirement plan. It's a no-brainer!"
Jim, 40 - San Lorenzo, CA
The Path Hidden From Mainstream Media...
Secret #1: The Solo 401(k), SEP, SIMPLE, IRA... Are All the Same Plan!
I'm not knocking these traditional plans, it's better to have one than not. 

But they all share one COMMON trait that can devastate your retirement savings.
Secret #2: Wealthy Executives Don't Really Save Their Money in 401(k) Plans...
High-ranking officers and executives from banks and corporations know the TRUTH. 

They participate in these plans minimally, while loading up in other tax advantaged plans. 

Yet they offer their employees traditional plans and reap the business tax breaks.
Secret #3: Why Diversification Is a Big Lie!
You may believe all your eggs are in different baskets...

... You know, the "baskets" that are always offered.

If you look closely, these vehicles are made up of TWO money growth strategies. However,  there is a hidden THIRD one.

Having all THREE strategies is true diversification.
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Financial Plans From a Solopreneur to Solopreneurs
Hello fellow Solopreneur, my name is Al Silva.
As self-employed professionals, we face many challenges. I know my own challenge almost brought me back to my corporate job: Cash Flow

However, once you solve the cash flow problem, where does it FLOW to? When we left our JOBS, we also left our "benefits package". So that's the next problem to solve... 

... The exciting part is that this creates a NEW opportunity!

I leveraged the brain power of a HUGE financial organization with over 35,000 offices to ISOLATE the best plans. The ones that offer us the protection and uninterrupted growth that we need...

...Because in the end, we got into entrepreneurship to make a difference and experience freedom in the process. And there's a path for that!
The Life Insurance That Pays While You're Alive!
How would you feel if your Term Life Insurance gave you lifetime access to $1,000,000? 

What if this policy, would not only provide a legacy for your loved ones after you're gone, but also protect YOUR assets while you're alive and kicking?

It's like your personal "Income Protection & Survival Plan"
I'll be dripping out this valuable info...
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