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The NEW Term Life Insurance 
That  Pays While You're Alive (Revealed!)

Rethink Life Insurance

Discover how you can create a $1,000,000 safety net that delivers certainty in your entrepreneurial life.

Forget what you know about life insurance so you can catch this new opportunity!

  • Satisfaction: Finally feel good about life insurance
  • Peace of Mind: Stop worrying about 'what-ifs'
  • Certainty: Create a safety net you crave!

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Financial Plans For Solopreneurs By a Solopreneur

Hi, I’m Al Silva, life licensed financial planner and founder of The Financial Map. 

As a self-employed professional I understand the challenges of leaving an employer's benefits package. But imagine the unique opportunity you have to customize it?

Suddenly, creating a personal private benefits package is exciting!

As solopreneurs we are too busy to search for the best fit plans. I'd love to save you time and make that search end for you today. Starting with life insurance...
This New Term Life Insurance Changes Everything...
Do you have life insurance?
Is it on your to-do list? 

Either way, it’s not very sexy.

Sure, your loved ones are covered and that's important.

But, what about YOU?

Before you answer that, I want to dispel a life insurance myth.

Fellow Bay Area Self-Employed Professionals...

Do you believe life insurance only pays after you're dead?

For years, you’ve put off reviewing your under-insured policies...
Or pretty much avoided getting a new one after leaving your JOB. 

I get it.

It's hard to feel good about life insurance because we see no benefit while we’re alive.

It's not selfish to feel this way.

I felt that.

Typically, you search online and receive instant quotes for essentially the same "death" insurance?

... and in the end, you still feel like the whole insurance thing sucks.
I've done that search.

You've probably done it too.

Don't worry. The feeling is normal.

The fundamental problem is...

life insurance ought to pay while you're alive
It just makes sense, right?

That's why it is so important that you get this new life insurance as part of your private benefits package.

Here's the deal...

There are only TWO types of term life insurance plans... 

The plans that pay after you're gone, and the ones that ALSO pay while you're alive.

It's that simple!

Which one works better for YOU and your family?

By the way, it's very likely you'll need it...

"...about seven in 10 people (69%) turning age 65 today will need some type of long-term-care services"
- US Department of Health & Human Services
Your retirement savings and assets may be in JEOPARDY...
The Real Secret To Surviving Unexpected Illness

Hint: It's Not Health Insurance

Illness is not something you want to think about. 

I'm with you. 

But if life catches us by surprise, do we want to blow up the financial plans we've worked so hard to grow? 

Which brings up a question...

How strong is your health insurance up against serious illness?

There's a great big health insurance debate going on. 

No matter what side you're on...

I'm sure you agree health insurance is an overly expensive cost.

Factoring in premiums, copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses can make your head spin!

When I was searching for health insurance, I had to make some cost-saving sacrifices.
However, having a life insurance policy with living benefits filled my medical gaps.

An affordable health insurance plan, combined with this life insurance, places an electrical fence of protection.

But, lets talk about a new way of shopping for life insurance...

"... Al Silva is the Man! 

Al introduced me to the world of Living Benefits life insurance and genuinely peaked my interest unlike others... with their traditional life products. It will not only protect my family...but will provide me with peace of mind should I develop serious medical issues in the future!"  
                                                                                      - Edgar D. from El Cerrito, CA
A New Way To Leverage That Can Save You Thousands of dollars
Here's how most people shop for life insurance...
They get quotes and apply to the cheapest policy.

To be fair, if I've done it, and you've probably done it too...

...We feel we're leveraging an agent's database to compare a group of insurance companies.

So have you considered leveraging your life insurance shopping in a new way?

You see, one thing I've learned in life is, that I don't know much. But I do seem to know a bit about life insurance and I have one advantage over most...

This life insurance product has been UNCOVERED by all the brain power of over 35,000 offices.

You see, I leveraged the power of a HUGE organization...

One who works with over 50 insurance companies and 100's of different products within them.

Not only have I been lucky enough to be taught by top leaders, personally, but because of the sheer number of A-Rated insurance companies this organization works with, I have been able to isolate the very best of the best. 

It's not so much me offering you quotes, but sharing my discovery that changes the game for independents.

This is the one insurance policy that will protect your assets from the unexpected.

Obviously, there are no do-overs in life.

So, while all other insurance brokers give quotes from many different companies offering the same "Death Insurance"... Nudging good people towards the lowest monthly plan. I feel responsible to share this one policy.

Because, really-- is protecting your one life a commodity?

If this all-in-one solution can supplement your health insurance and can also be your accidental, disability and life insurance all rolled up in one, then I've done my job!

Access Private Subscriber's Area to 4 FREE Tools and Build That Safety Net!

Your Life Insurance-That-Pays Discovery e-Kit.
Submit Quote With No Obligation
#1- The Company & Product Revealed!
The Product Explainer Video
   • No reading, just sit back and watch

The Official Product Brochure
   • All the details of the policy
   • An Expenses Tool Sheet
   • Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits At-A-Glance
   • 1-Page Visual of Living Benefits  coverage
#2 - Insider's Agent Quotes
Exclusive Access to the Overview Document an Agent Uses to Quote You...

√ No back-and-forth with an agent to find the right quote

√ Quotes for 10-Year, 15-Year, 20-Year, 25-Year, and 30-Year Terms

√ View all the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual premium term coverages
#3 Insider's COMPARISON Quotes From Other Insurance Companies.
--No Shopping Around, It's Done For you--
Exclusive Access to Traditional Life Insurance Quotes You Get Online.

Here's a secret: The majority of online quote comparisons generate from the same database. 

√ Compare with traditional life insurance quotes

√ Transparency - see how much more you'll pay for Living Benefits (It will surprise you!)

√ Saves you a search and multiple opt-ins

√ Ability to Pivot: Maybe you'd prefer traditional life insurance? Your call!  
#4 FREE Consultation For Custom Options
--No Obligation--
Reserve Your Spot...

√ Immediate Access to appointment page. 

√ Set the time and date for a call that's convenient to you. 

√ Go over next steps 
Get Started on the Quote Now. 
Only Taking On 20 New Clients a Month! 
I can only take up to 20 applications and take them through underwriting. It's an involved  process on my end, and I want to be able to give you great service!

You can imagine the demand for this life insurance. Start your QUOTE now, set a calendar appointment with me, and secure your spot TODAY!

Remember, life insurance products change and evolve without notice, so LOCK it in now.

-Al Silva
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to make an informed decision... And in the end, feel great about doing the responsible thing!"                                                                                      - Sierra L. from Berkeley, CA
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